Amelia Stewart

One of a KIND

Amelia Stewart
One of a KIND

When I was KINDly gifted a selection of the incredibly delicious KIND snackbars and asked to choose my favourite, I was faced with the ultimate dilemma. When you are given so many choices that are all equally exquisite, how are you ever meant to choose just one?!

Should I go for caramel, dark chocolate almond & sea salt, or fruity cherry & cashew, crispy coconut or mouthwatering mocha?  Impossible! Fighting my family for the last morsels, I reflected on our everyday food decisions and often how hard it can be to make an informed choice on the types of snacks we eat.

So how do we choose, and how should we be ‘kind’ to ourselves? Natural, wholesome food options are always the way forward. A packet of raw almonds is ten times better than a packet of crisps.

I personally steer clear of snacks that contain artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, and that are packed with E-numbers, gums and unnecessary colours. Calories are only worth counting if they are ‘bad’ calories – i.e. with no nutritional benefits. For example, an avocado contains significantly more calories than a can of Coke, but obviously those in the avocado are much more nutritious and far better for you.

KIND bars are a fabulous on-the-go snack: a perfect balance of protein, good fats and low-GI carbs and they truly taste a treat! The brand perfectly epitomises the concept of ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’. I particularly like the transparent packaging – feeding into KIND’s promise that they only use ingredients you can see (and pronounce).

All KIND bars are gluten-free and most are also dairy-free.  Yes, they have a little cane sugar, but everyone needs a little sweetness in their life once in a while. Best of all, each bar is made with chicory fibre: chicory is a serious superfood that’s famous for its liver-cleansing abilities. It’s packed full of the soluble fibre Inulin which feeds our digestive flora and stimulates the break down and digestion of sugars. It even helps the stomach to produce extra bile, which assists in the breakdown of fats.

So which was my ultimate favourite? It was a tough decision between the peanut butter dark chocolate and the maple glazed salted pecan… but finally the latter won out. I’m a die-hard pecan fan, and the combination of the natural maple sweetness and the salty crunch of the pecans was a true celebration for my taste buds!

Ultimately, as we all know so well, leading a healthy life is always all about balance. So treat yourself with KINDness next time you have a cup of tea or coffee, and try and figure out which is your one of a KIND.